Obama’s Tax Plan Slope Is Already Slippery

4 11 2008

This video is a nice account of how the Democrat’s definition of “rich” just keeps on changing. Enjoy.


Obama’s Aunt to be Deported!

2 11 2008

Obama’s Kenyan aunt has been discovered to be living in the US illegally. She requested asylum 4 years ago from a judge and was denied. So she just decided to stay. Now she has been ordered to leave the U.S. after 4 years of living as an illegal alien and sucking up public assistance money. Hopefully we’ll be sending Obama back to Kenya too. He can hunt antelope and build a thatch hut for her. Way to go immigration system!

Obama claims he has not spoken to her in months and claims he knew nothing of her citizenship status. I feel that the citizenship issue is about to heat up folks. At least I’m hoping. Its just one more cloud of smoke around this guy. How much smoke will it take to make 50% of voters realize that there is a fire somewhere!!!

The Proof Is In The Spending: Fundraising Scandal

28 10 2008

Obama accepts donations through his website. You can even have montly donations charged to your credit card on a monthly basis. Obama and his campaign are not verifying contributors, which is in violation of voter federal voter laws. Furthermore, Obama’s campaign is accepting donations from Daffy Duck ,King Kong, OJ Simpson, and ANONYMOUS foreign donars. Imagine that! Obama has raised over $600 million – the most ever for any campaign. To put it more into perspective, that is about $1 million for EVERY DAY since he launched his campaign. One would think that there would already be an investigation.

Read more: New York Post article

Sign petition to force Obama to prove citizenship

26 10 2008

Please take the time to sign this petition. Its quick and easy. It will send a letter to our congressmen about the Obama citizenship scandal to make sure this stays in the forefront. When you enter your zip code, it will automatically find your state congressmen so you dont’ have to fill in any email addresses. Just his send.


Thank you for you time.