A Simple Look At Spending Under Barack Obama’s Governmment

28 10 2008

If you want THE TRUTH about whether Barack Obama would increase the size of government and it’s spending, look no further than his campaign.

Now think about this, if Obama really wanted to convey the message of less spending, tax cuts, blah, blah…then maybe he would follow John McCain’s example and limit spending. If Obama is spending over $600 million on a campaign, then does anyone think that his habits will change once elected? Are you serious? The truth is right there in front of our faces yet millions choose to ignore it because they are mesmerized by Obama and his message of change (which is actuall the same message the Democrats have been using for decades, but with a fresh young face on it).

All of the answers are right there in front of us, it’s just that some chose to see them, and other’s choose to ignore them. The one’s that ignore them are the ones I am very worried about.