Crusher Report: Obama’s Socialist Comments Caught On Tape

28 10 2008

In a January 2001 interview¬† on WBEZ FM, Chicago Public Radio, with then state Senator Barack Obama, he talks about spreading the wealth in some out-of-wack connection with civil rights. And, no surprise here, the DNC and Obama’s campaign claim that it is a false story made up by FOX news, the Drudge Report, and John McCain. When will the Democrats realize that they can’t just explain things away or blame someone else.

Reference: Greta Van Susteren show, Oct. 28, 2008

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Secret Reference: Rush’s Subtle Ways

28 10 2008

If you listen to Rush Limbaugh, a man I greatly admire as a TRUE American patriot and crusader of truth, is frequently heard saying, “Who is Barack Obama”, or “Who he really is”. I was watching Greta Van Susteren tonight and she interviewed Rush. He repeated this question again and a light bulb went off.

The right has not publically said much about the Obama citizenship status issue (i feel that the RNC are working feverishly behind the scenes), but a few days ago Rush did discuss Obama’s trip to Pakistan via Indonesia where he stopped to renew his passport. This is one of the central issues in Phil Berg’s lawsuit and soon-to-be Supreme Court case. I feel that Rush is referencing this issue, but is probably playing it smart and monitoring the issue from behind the scenes. If the RNC is calling for an investigation into Obama’s campaign contributions, then rest assured they are looking strongly into Obama’s citizenship status.

“Obama has mastered the art of charismatic demagogues” – Rush Limbaugh

The Proof Is In The Spending: Fundraising Scandal

28 10 2008

Obama accepts donations through his website. You can even have montly donations charged to your credit card on a monthly basis. Obama and his campaign are not verifying contributors, which is in violation of voter federal voter laws. Furthermore, Obama’s campaign is accepting donations from Daffy Duck ,King Kong, OJ Simpson, and ANONYMOUS foreign donars. Imagine that! Obama has raised over $600 million – the most ever for any campaign. To put it more into perspective, that is about $1 million for EVERY DAY since he launched his campaign. One would think that there would already be an investigation.

Read more: New York Post article

Sign petition to force Obama to prove citizenship

26 10 2008

Please take the time to sign this petition. Its quick and easy. It will send a letter to our congressmen about the Obama citizenship scandal to make sure this stays in the forefront. When you enter your zip code, it will automatically find your state congressmen so you dont’ have to fill in any email addresses. Just his send.

Thank you for you time.

Obama NOT A Legal US Citizen

26 10 2008

I know the number of emails going around is overwhelming. I barely have time to read them all myself. However, I’ve been doing some research and trying to sort most of it out. Both sides have been producing some incorrect info. However, there are some things that really disturb me about Obama. There is WAY TOO MUCH smoke around Obama. Below are some things to think about that are supported by facts and a lot of mystery:

As you know, you must be a natural born citizen to be eligible for the presidency (Article 2, US Constitution)

Obama may not be a natural born citizen, and possibly not even a legal, naturalized U.S. citizen.Mr. Obama has yet to produce a valid birth certificate (the one on his website does not count and is said to be a fraud by forensic experts. By the way, John McCain has already produced his). The suit is brought by William Berg, the former deputy attorney general of Pennsylvania and a Hillary Clinton supporter. This is a real case and Mr Berg is a real person. I have included some links below.

The scoop: Obama claims he was born in Honolulu. However, many of his relatives still living in Kenya (the birthplace of Obama’s father, Obama I), claim he was born there. Also, Obamas mother married Lolo Soatoro from Indonesia and moved there with Barack. Mr Soatoro had to adopt Barack and his name became Barry Soatoro, which it still is, and claim his religion as Islam. This had to be done because Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenship and was the only way for Barack to live and go to school there.
When Barack moved back to the US, he did not go through the naturalization process and then began calling himself Barack.
Berg v. Obama, 3rd District Federal Court

Synopsis: Phillip Berg, former deputy Attorney General for Pennsylvania, has filed suit challenging Obama’s citizenship status. The suit claims that Obama was born in Kenya and is an Indonesian citizen (which is true, just waiting to be proven.)

INSTEAD OF SIMPLY PRODUCING A VALID BIRTH CERTIFICATE, OBAMA AND THE DNC ARE FIGHTING THE CASE AND SAYING THAT THE 3RD DISTRICT FEDERAL COURT LACKS JURISDICTION! What is he hiding!!¬† You may be asking, “Why haven’t I heard this in the media?”. Simply put, almost 75% of media networks are liberal. If Obama is elected, it will be the BIGGEST FRAUD EVER CONCEIVED!

So what does all this mean?
If this all plays out, it would be the largest fraud ever committed. Obama would be impeached and or arrested for violating federal laws and defrauding his campaign contributors. And that would probably be the start of his problems. We would then have to hold a special election and the DNC would throw Hillary into the race. it would be shaky ground and a huge mess. America would be thrush into turmoil unlike any it has ever seen – THANKS OBAMA!