Obama’s Tax Plan Slope Is Already Slippery

4 11 2008

This video is a nice account of how the Democrat’s definition of “rich” just keeps on changing. Enjoy.


Obama’s Aunt to be Deported!

2 11 2008

Obama’s Kenyan aunt has been discovered to be living in the US illegally. She requested asylum 4 years ago from a judge and was denied. So she just decided to stay. Now she has been ordered to leave the U.S. after 4 years of living as an illegal alien and sucking up public assistance money. Hopefully we’ll be sending Obama back to Kenya too. He can hunt antelope and build a thatch hut for her. Way to go immigration system!

Obama claims he has not spoken to her in months and claims he knew nothing of her citizenship status. I feel that the citizenship issue is about to heat up folks. At least I’m hoping. Its just one more cloud of smoke around this guy. How much smoke will it take to make 50% of voters realize that there is a fire somewhere!!!

Obama Economic Plan CRUSHED!

1 11 2008

Ok folks, a nice little lesson in Economics 101 (listen up Mr. Obama). Obama wants to target the rich, those of us making over $250k per year…OH HOLD THE PRESS!… its now down to $200k…..HOLD THE PRESS AGAIN!….Ding Dong Joe Biden was quoted as saying $150k!!!Where will it end man!

Anyway, as I was saying, we already pay taxes on goods. If Obama taxes small, medium, large businesses and corportations (yes folks, his plan covers it all!) , guess what, THE PRICE OF GOODS GOES UP! Wow, that was hard! The second effect here would be (drum roll please)….more businesses move their operations overseas for more favorable tax breaks!!! I just did that in two paragraphs didn’t I!

John McCain has the short and long term solution: 1) cut government spending – immediate relief on taxpayers 2) drill offshore and other areas for oil – immediate economic and foreign dependency relief (the threat of this is one factor already driving prices down now) 3) continue essentives to keep companies in the U.S. and give small and large businesses room to grow 4) alternative fuel mandates – millions of new jobs and the money stays right here at home, we will also be able to export clean fuels and turn the tables on the middle east and Venezuela!

So there you have it, the simple skinny on Mr. Messiah Obama’s economic master plan. And, yes, this is the heart of his plan. So why is he saying it if it is so simple for a common Joe like me to debunk you ask? Well, because it SOUNDS GOOD right now because everyone is mad as hell at the “rich people”. That’s what the Democrats do in elections – say what people want to hear and instill fear that it will be “more of the same”. Just think about the simple economics of it all folks! It doesn’t fit. And besides, where will Obama get all of the money for the plans he proposes anyway? Oh yeah, the Democratic Money Tree! How stupid of me!

I had an uneducated person tell me the other day, “well you must be making more than me if you’re voting for McCain”, and I politely replied, “well no, but I have aspirations of making $250 someday and I’m sorry you don’t have such aspirations.” I really felt sorry for the little Obamabot.

Oh yeah, Mr. Obama, you’re economic tax plan just got CRUSHED!