Secret Reference: Rush’s Subtle Ways

28 10 2008

If you listen to Rush Limbaugh, a man I greatly admire as a TRUE American patriot and crusader of truth, is frequently heard saying, “Who is Barack Obama”, or “Who he really is”. I was watching Greta Van Susteren tonight and she interviewed Rush. He repeated this question again and a light bulb went off.

The right has not publically said much about the Obama citizenship status issue (i feel that the RNC are working feverishly behind the scenes), but a few days ago Rush did discuss Obama’s trip to Pakistan via Indonesia where he stopped to renew his passport. This is one of the central issues in Phil Berg’s lawsuit and soon-to-be Supreme Court case. I feel that Rush is referencing this issue, but is probably playing it smart and monitoring the issue from behind the scenes. If the RNC is calling for an investigation into Obama’s campaign contributions, then rest assured they are looking strongly into Obama’s citizenship status.

“Obama has mastered the art of charismatic demagogues” – Rush Limbaugh




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